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  • erinschrode

Duke University

“You’re everything I want to be!” No, you are!! I am ever humbled by how deeply students connect with the content of my speeches! I can truly say the same words about so many of the inspiring students at my talk tonight, next generation leaders at Duke University who give me hope for today and tomorrow. We motivate each other, we teach one another, we succeed together — and I feel lucky to now know so many more passionate mover-shakers active around social justice, environmentalism, policy, advocacy, equity, LGBTQ, Puerto Rico, Jewish life and beyond on this campus and in communities worldwide.

It takes company this good to get me back into a college dining hall! These student leaders earned a spot at this table because of their proactivity around critical diverse issues, impressive involvement on the Duke University campus, and passion for bettering our communities and world. Answering their wide array of personal/professional, specific/meta, immediate/eternal questions was simultaneously challenging, invigorating and inspiring. Thank you Jewish Life at Duke for the invitation, education and hope!


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