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Don't Miss Our Farm Box

OUR FARM BOX IS BACK for its second week with Conscious Kitchen and Tomatero Organic Farms! 🌱🥬🥦💚 Buy fresh organic food, give fresh organic food. Week one was a success because of our incredible community. Join us to support our local organic farmers, receive a full box of fresh vegetables (and strawberries!), and provide critical nutrition to vulnerable populations across Marin City with the hot, nutritious meals Conscious Kitchen delivers daily. Place your order via, prepay $40 and we will confirm pickup location in Sausalito for Tuesday 5/5 between 12 and 2pm. Please spread the word far and wide. Thank you for supporting healthy, thriving people, economies and soils!


Proof that I left my house this week… to walk to the driveway to pickup the Conscious Kitchen x Tomatero Organic Farms box a friend dropped off. I feel so blessed to be nourished by this fresh, local, organic, seasonal bounty AND by purchasing a box, directly donate more fresh, local, organic food to meet family need in Marin City. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can get one on Tues 5/5. Just email our team at to pre-order. Now after a long work week where we hit 20,000 meals served (go team!), I’m off to channel my inner Conscious Kitchen chef and attempt to prepare something scrumptious for Shabbat… still happily in my jammies. 🥬🍓🌱🥒🥦✨🕯🕯


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