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Celebrating with Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and I celebrated her momma's birthday today… on the campaign trail in Cleveland, Ohio! What an individual. We spoke about my run for Congress, the need for more women in elected office, and where candidates stand on the issues that matter most to millennials – climate change, education, and criminal justice reform.

Chelsea's stories about her mother are not statistics – and they are powerful, as you will soon read in my article. She speaks with extraordinary passion and eloquence about why this election is intensely personal for her, as our next president will shape the future or lack thereof for her two young children. Our core values are at stake. Whatever issue you care about is ON the ballot. So vote – early if you can, like right here in this swing state. 

I respect people who understand the power of words. Chelsea Clinton is one such human being. Donald Trump is not. She drops casual wisdom… about ballots, birthdays, babies, bullying, Barack, baseball, and big things that don't start with 'b' too! Read my latest for Refinery29!


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