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Bro Bible: Meet The 25-Year-Old Girl Running For Congress In California, Hoping To Give Millennials

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by David Covucci

Millennials no doubt get a bad rap from the old folks. To them, we’re all social media obsessing, Mountain Dew Pitch Black chugging, tablet carrying, food truck eating do nothings who don’t even know how to farm.

It’s not true (well, except for the farming part), and one millennial is fighting her way into the most stodgy, old person institution in America to change the way we’re all perceived.

Erin Schrode is trying to head to the U.S. Capitol.

The average American congressperson is a 114-year old white male, so a 25-year-old woman is about the antithesis of everything there. But that’s exactly why Schrode is running for a seat in California’s 2nd District. To give young people, especially young women, a voice in their government.

If elected, she’d be one of the youngest persons ever to sit in Congress.

Our sister site, UPROXX, sat down with Schrode to discuss why she’s running, as well as what it’s like to campaign when all your previous years of life — including the college partying ones — have been documented and preserved forever online.

Give it a watch.

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