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Be My Eco Valentine

It's that time of year again: the day of [extra] love! Valentine's Day is here, so love yourself, love those around you, and love your planet. Check out my latest piece on Fusion for a smattering of favorite ideas – and an extra special thanks to my digital guru Alexis for bringing this to life!

On February 14, 198 million roses will be purchased, 180 million greeting cards will be exchanged, and nearly $20 billion dollars will be spent, all thanks to Valentine’s Day. More than half of consumers will celebrate the holiday with gifts including candy, flowers, jewelry, meals out, clothing, and more extravagant finds.

Why not direct this spending towards a more positive impact for people and planet? Show love to significant others, special someones, parents, children, coworkers, teachers, and friends with experiences and thoughtfully selected gifts.

Here are some of the best options:

This necklace combines style, sustainability and health with an elegant design made from recycled metals that houses essential oils.

(retail price: $79.00) 

Red, pink, and coral. Add a pop of festive color to any day or night with raw organic botanicals.

(retail price: $36.00)

If you are going to give a greeting card, recycled or up-cycled is a good bet, but plantable ones are even better!

(retail price: $5.99)

Complete with sea buckthorn, sandalwood, and vitamin E, this refreshing citrus scent will uplift and inspire. Perfect for a loved one (or for yourself!) 

(retail price: $12.99)

With eight natural shades for some incredible day and night looks, this lovely lip tint is sure to make your loved one smile. Paragon, preservative, petrochemical, artificial color and fragrance FREE. Plus - recyclable packaging!

(retail price: $7.50)

This minty chocolate lip balm is delicious and über hydrating and perfect sized for on-the-go.

(retail price: $3.99)

Treat your loved one to some organic, invigorating facial care! Some incredible herbal and plant extracts in their natural form come together for this cooling and cleansing scrub. 

(retail price: $8.93)

Delicious, crunchy, and buttery cashews covered in fair trade chocolate - the perfect gift for your loved one with a sweet tooth! Plus, the cashews are reminiscent of that classic V Day heart shape…

(Bulk: $110)

Gooey, delicious, chocolaty, organic, vegan marshmallow hearts are the best kind of hearts.

(retail: $4.49)

Deliciously sweet chocolates are a hallmark of Valentines day. But what’s even better than surprising your valentine with a box of chocolates? A box of organic, VEGAN chocolates. 

(retail: $40.00)

Got a fashion forward loved one? Surprise them with this 100% vegan and recycled ultra-microfiber bag. The convertible style makes for tons of incredible looks. (Plus, take 25% off the total price before 2/15 with code “HFSLOVE” for valentines day!)

(retail: $165.00)

Made in New York City and 100% vegan, this durable multipurpose bag is perfect for your loved on on-the-go. 

(retail: $399.00)

A fantastic tote for all small shopping needs, this fair trade bag makes a great valentines day gift (or even the wrapping for a gift!) With five incredible prints, this bag is sure to add some color to your loved one’s day. Besides being vegan and fair trade, the purchase of these bags go to the empowerment of the women who make the bags in The Democratic Republic of Congo. 

(retail: $20.00)

Send a bundle of FEED goodies! Each purchase provides twenty school meals for children around the world.

(retail: $55.00)

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! 

Treat someone to sweet, warming, organic tea. 

(retail: $8.99)

Yup, we’re going there! Do what’s natural with these fair-trade, nitrosamine-free, women health-focused condoms.

(retail: $11.00)

Fair-trade chocolate is a must. And it pairs perfectly with nutty quinoa in this artisanal vegan bar.

(retail: $3.99)

Comfortable, fair-trade, and organic cotton underwear in an array of colors and designs are a surefire win. 

(retail: $22.99)

Love is in the air with The Honest Company’s non-GMO soy wax candles. Pure essential oils and extracts make up three delectable scents that make the perfect addition to a valentines gift basket. 

(retail: $19.95)

Roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day – and this floral, fresh, sweet soap is pure and beautiful.

(retail: $3.99)

Bring on the back rubs and shoulder massages! This luxurious oil is great for skin and ideal for tense muscles.

(retail: $30.00) 

A beautiful addition to any ensemble, this flower print scarf is an ethically-made stunner.

(retail: $420.00)

Celebrate love in this fun, red dress – made sustainably and fairly. 

(retail: $199.90 at Nordstroms)

A plant is the gift that keeps on giving. Give one that is alive it will continue to spread joy long past Valentine’s Day. 

(retail: $17.00)

Delight your loved one’s sweet tooth with these organic, vegan morsels with all of the good and none of the bad of standard candy!

(retail: Starting at $6.89)

Capture and display a moment in this beautiful, sustainable piece of metal-rimmed handmade art.

(retail: $45.00)

Make sure to check out more of Fusion!


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