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Back to Burning Man

In a world that stresses, saddens, and sometimes scares me, I am more grateful than ever that Black Rock City exists. For me, Burning Man has never been merely an event; it is a beautiful community, radical philosophy, co-created experience and sacred experiment in which I have blessedly immersed myself for the past eight years. The playa is once again calling me home… and so I am navigating the long journey from Papua New Guinea to my favorite dry lake bed on earth, where I will wholeheartedly welcome its mysterious wonder, dusty bliss, liberating power and profound teachings for a glorious, concentrated window of synchronicity and true magic. Tribe, please come find me — Buni — at our unmistakable Foam Home in the Nitro Pod at 2:30/G anytime, and especially from 1 to 4.20p Wednesday through Saturday for the beloved fomogenesis experience. Let’s adventure! Let’s explore! Let’s live! )'(

📸 Burn 2018 post-sunrise stroll from a particularly epic dance party at the trash fence back to camp with my play hubz.


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