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  • erinschrode

Amplify, Amplify, Amplify.

What politicians have called for Governor Ricardo Rosselló's resignation? US Senator and Presidential Candidate Cory Booker has just called on Puerto Rico's Governor to resign in no uncertain terms. We need more federal officials to not simply stand with the people's right to protest, oppose corruption and hold elected officials to account, but to explicitly call on Rosselló to step down immediately. Puerto Ricans have united powerfully, spoken forcefully, showed up bravely, demonstrated peacefully, and repeatedly made it clear: he has lost the mandate to lead. AOC, Julián Castro, Rick Scott and Tulsi Gabbard have raised their voices in support of resignation… who else?! We need a growing list of politicians, along with celebrities, business leaders, musicians, many more on island and beyond demanding that #RickyRenuncia! Puerto Rico deserves nothing less.

Add to the Twitter thread (, comment below, amplify/like/reshare statements and, most importantly, keep doing the critical work that will bring about necessary change! 🇵🇷


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