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  • erinschrode

Activism: The Time Is Now!

I am passionate about the magic of world-changing, of next generation leadership, of boots-on-the-ground activism, of storytelling. I care so much that I wave my hands madly in the air, make direct eye contact, and never get enough sleep (hello baggies under my eyes). 

What a brilliant event at @NorthwesternU, aptly titled Activism: The Time Is Now! We all sat around the perimeter of a massive table in a lecture hall. I shared my story of environmental education, citizen activism, political engagement, and identity struggles before opening the floor for rich, in-depth, open discussion - answering questions about failure, the tenets of democracy, media consumption, making friends of enemies, the works. 

Thank you for the near-three hour dialogue, for making us think, bringing me to tears, shifting our collective perspective, listening to each other's truths, forging a better path. And thank you @HillelIntl and @NorthwesternHillel for hosting and for Pesach dinner, glutenfree matzah and all! #startsomethingthatmatters #liveyourvalues #socialimpact #happypassover

Hate will never make America great. Activism: The time is now. Stellar messages to set the tone for my talk at Northwestern! 

Chicago may have my heart! I am delighted to be back in the Windy City to speak at Northwestern tonight.


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