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The #ErinForUs message is growing! Our most recent press release on the campaign's viral video, new "$25 for 25" crowdfunding campaign, and key pillars got picked up by local blogger Redhead Blackbelt...

Quakes are common in Northern California’s 2nd Congressional District, and if there was a Richter scale for the internet then Democratic candidate Erin Schrode just broke it.

With over 5 million views Schrode’s message of “if not now, when” is trending faster than any campaign (Democrat or Republican) in the nation. “It’s time to deliver on the promise of my generation,” says the activist, educator, and social entrepreneur at an event this past Sunday.

Schrode is mobilizing new voices in the political sphere – primarily women and millennials – with her leadership in a district that spans the northern coast of California, from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border. Her prior activism in addressing environmental health, gender equality, and corporate responsibility inspired her to redefine what a representative should be. “I believe that democracy should be representative, but despite 51% of our population being women and 35% of our population being under 30, there has NEVER been a woman under 30 elected to United States Congress.”

The unprecedented attention to Schrode’s campaign arrives on the onset of her 25th birthday, the minimum age to serve as a Member of Congress. To commemorate both milestones, Erin For Us is launching “$25 for 25” crowdfunding campaign to engage and educate voters throughout the Marin, Trinity, Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma counties before the June 7th statewide primary election.

*Key pillars of this campaign are environmental and public health, learning and the future of work, and human rights domestic and abroad, including women’s rights

*There are 200k women and 114k voters between the ages of 18-44 in CD2

*Erin would be the 85th woman representative out if the House of Representatives’ 435 members

*In four days, a single piece of content on Facebook received: 4.5M views, 62k likes, 46k shares, 2k comments. This is the fastest trending candidate video ever.

To contribute, donors can go to For more information on congressional candidate Erin Schrode, please visit with biographical information, policy, and how to get involved.

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