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50,000 Meals

50,000 Conscious Kitchen meals served by our community for our community in our community with our community during Covid.

When you seek to feed people in moments of hardship amid unprecedented challenges and trying times, no depth of service ever feels like enough — but we want to pause in gratitude and recommit to the work this summer. Thank you to our chefs for working tirelessly to scratch-cook meals with love every day without pause, to our distribution teams who get food into the hands of people who need it, to our volunteers who pickup and drop-off ingredients and meals all over, to our partner organizations on the ground in Marin City, San Rafael and countywide who are trusted collaborators, to our local farmers and food suppliers who provide us with the organic ingredients to prepare nutritious meals, to our funders who make it possible, to everyone who purchases a farm box, shares a post, spreads the word about Conscious Kitchen.

We appreciate you. And we humbly ask for your continued support, such that we can feed more people this summer. Can you DONATE TO CONSCIOUS KITCHEN today? [] We use funds to purchase ingredients locally and employ staff locally to feed the community, investing in health, safety, sustainability and equity.

"I want to express appreciation for all the cooking, preparing, delivering and serving of the hot meals these past weeks. They are delicious and healthy. Thank you very much." — Sharon, in a note to CK yesterday

We are proud to make a humble contribution, but know there is always more to do — and we're listening, learning, researching, allying, showing up, supporting, deepening our commitment, and expanding our work. Conscious Kitchen will continue feeding hot, organic, nourishing meals and fresh, organic farm boxes to the students, families and elders throughout Marin City this summer, as well as students and families from Santa Venetia and the Canal, and vulnerable residents and seniors countywide. Because need persists, as we navigate various crises: the pandemic, economic downtown, civil unrest, outright racism, more.

Conscious Kitchen is more than a food program; we stand for food justice, environmental justice, racial justice, equal justice. GIVE now to help us to do more this summer and beyond! And be sure to follow the journey at Thank you for supporting our ongoing work to address root causes of systemic failures, build strong foundations for health, ecology, and equity, and serve it up plate by plate to nourish children and communities.

[Photos by Andi Hatch Photography]


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