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11 Moving Moments That Will Bring Out The Environmentalist In You

What made YOU become an environmentalist? What was the catalyst? I am ever inspired to learn about the moments that got people to reconsider their actions, to make a change, to share with friends and family, to amplify sustainability in local and global communities.

I share how I got my start with Mind Body Green, alongside ten incredible environmental voices. Read!

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Whether it's a watercolor sunrise atop a mountain or an ocean horizon pulled straight from a painting, scenes from nature can make even the busiest of people stop, appreciate, and reflect. It's views like these, paired with the sobering realization that human activity is threatening them, that have inspired environmental activists to commit their time, energy, and passion to protecting the earth. Here, 11 leaders in the fight against climate change give a snapshot of the moment they committed to this cause. May their experience inspire you to make some small, positive action today too

A closer look at the beauty industry.

In 2002, a study found that my hometown of Marin County, California had the highest breast, prostate and melanoma cancer rates in the world—but no one knew why. A couple of years later, when I was 13 years old, another report linked the ingredients in personal care products to cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm. I thought that I lived a conscious life, but had never once considered the impact of my personal care products on public and environmental health. What do you mean no one is looking out for health and well-being? What do you mean there’s no government oversight? What can we do? Those questions were the impetus for our first Turning Green meeting in 2005, now a global, youth-driven non-profit over 12 years later!

Make sure to read more about the incredible moments that've inspired sustainable change in the lives of others via Mind Body Green!


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