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Welcome to my apartment, a consciously curated eco abode! Take a tour below. For specific product, furnishings, and decor info, visit my Pinterest which details all here…

The whole space.

To love the place you come home to is a gift – and I can honestly say that I adore where I live. With a brilliant team of like-minded partners, we have transformed the blank canvas of a midtown Manhattan studio apartment into a true sanctuary. Consciously selecting only the best eco and ethical items, every element has a story worth sharing. Not only is the space beautiful visually, but also highly livable, functional, and healthy – free of the toxins that all-too-often permeate our indoors. When curating a home, take a moment to think about what you bring into your space – ask yourself what it is made of, from where, who made it, the journey traveled, what will happen as you use it and when you are finished, and the overall impact on your health, society, and the environment. I hope that our journey and work inspire you to choose wisely – because it IS possible to consciously curate any space, anywhere, any aesthetic, on any budget.

Living space.​

Where I spend my time.


I lounge, I entertain, I read, I sip tea – all in this cozy area. The Lee Industries couch is made sustainably without any toxins or flame retardants and pulls out into a highly useful queen bed to sleep guests! My coffee table is simple and I love that: reclaimed wood I hand-selected at Heritage Salvage that artisan Shayne Browning crafted into a panel atop two vintage fruit crates, which I picked up at a local NYC antique shop. Decor elements I have collected from around the world over many years pair perfectly with special ABC Home additions to truly bring the area to life!

Sleeping Space.​

Where I rest.


Sleep is my everything – and few things matter more to me than a wonderfully cozy bed. A Naturepedic mattress offers the perfect base on which to rejuvenate healthily, without toxins – and I rest easy in luxurious Coyuchi bedding, knowing everything is pure 100% organic cotton. The headboard is made of reclaimed barn wood from Heritage Salvage (designed by master craftsman Shayne Browning – and proudly assembled by me with nothing but a hand screwdriver!). A gorgeous ABC Home carpet frames my precious sleeping area, a must in studio apartments, and a vintage metal basket holds extra organic Under the Canopy and Coyuchi blankets for chilly evenings.

Work space.​

Where I get down to business.


There is something about sitting at a proper desk that dramatically heightens my productivity. This ABC Home metal desk and stool made of reclaimed cast-iron anchor my ideal work setting and offer space to keep essentials on-hand, store my everyday tote bag, and sprinkle in a variety of unique, sustainable decor elements. The Flos lamp auto-adjusts illumination to save energy, my Soma Water filter removes toxins and keeps me hydrated, and the eco-designed Vers stereo sound system plays the soundtrack of my day.



Where I cook and eat.


I love food. I love preparing food. I love eating food. I love talking about food. For me, a full-size, fully-outfitted kitchen is non-negotiable. I start my day with superfood-packed smoothies and rely on quality, organic ingredients to nourish me throughout the day. Farm-fresh produce is a staple in my vegan, gluten-free diet, but here you will see more bulk goods and pantry items, as well as my sustainably-sourced wooden cutting board, reusable food canisters, organic cotton dish towels, non-toxic cleaning products and eco tools, top healthy cookbooks, glass tea pot, upcycled dishware, and much more.


Where I store my wardrobe (et al).


A good closet is never to be underestimated, especially in a studio apartment. I turned to The Container Store to fully outfit mine with elfa stainless steel shelving to maximize space and function… and voila! My clothing, shoes, and accessories are a mix of vintage, second-hand, sustainable, eco, and the like – and I wouldn't have it any other way! Take a look inside…


Where I get clean and pretty.


Coyuchi outfitted the space with beautiful earth tones and some pops of color. All fibers are organic cotton (shower curtain, rug, bath mat, towels, hamper, etc.) and personal care products are truly pure, natural, and organic – free of synthetics, preservatives, and other health toxins. Don't "clean" yourself with toxic chemicals! Learn to read labels and become a proud, discerning consumer.


Where I come into my apartment.


A beautiful console handmade with Heritage Salvage reclaimed wood and scrap metal by mater carpenter Shayne Browning, coupled with old bleacher wood-turned-wall art and a distressed metal print made by my friend Mike Hill of AoSA Image, is both a functional and beautiful display to greet me as I enter. A vintage candelabra I brought home from Norway, natural fiber catch-all folder from Africa, and some branches I gathered in Central Park add great detail.


Where I relax in the fresh air.


Who has real, livable, comfortable, outdoor space in New York City? Me! This spacious private terrace off the back of my apartment is what sold me. I love being able to step outside for a breath of fresh air – and as it's in the inner courtyard of the block, it is quiet and dust-free (if you can believe such a space exists in the heart of midtown Manhattan). An old-time metal patio set from ABC Home, vintage milk-turned-water bottle, recycled Wine Punt glass, and second-hand book from the Strand Bookstore set the stage well…

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