Whether you need to spark something new, ignite a project, breathe new life into an idea, unite forces, fuel growth or put out fires, Embers has innovative solutions for unpredictable times. With over 15 years of high level leadership and diverse experience at the intersection of social impact, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, political activism and disaster response, Embers is uniquely positioned to craft, collaborate on and meet needs for your specific situation that maximize potential.


From behavior change to conscious consumerism, digital organizing to grassroots movement, community building to global connectivity, Embers synthesizes, distills and converts complex challenges into opportunities to strategize, bridge gaps, deliver and grow. We enter where and when you need us, thoughtfully leveraging our cross-sector awareness, wide-ranging skills and deft team to collaborate on analysis, tactics, road maps, programming, messaging and partnerships that allow us to arrive where we need to be, together.

Red hot ideas. Fluid approach. Radiant reach. Vivid messaging. Powerful catalysts. Explosive synergy. Dynamite force.

With a strategic mind, purposeful drive and articulate voice, we will conduct landscape analysis to determine what works and where new potential exists across many areas of operations:


Mission alignment: mine the DNA of a company or organization to chart a path forward, outline focus areas, set goals, craft messaging and forge partnerships that make sense and meet multifaceted goals around impact, sustainability, philanthropy and give back


Compelling communications: review and develop intentional multi-platform messaging, cultivating a clear internal and external voice with leadership and team members that reflects the values and aims of the larger organization


Cross-sector partnerships: outline, discover and pursue strategic points of synergy for special and ongoing programs that deliver against objectives, fostering strategic connections for real world collaboration and benefit