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Embers is a consultancy built around climate, sustainability, and social impact. With 18 years of experience driving ecological and social innovations, our team offers services from ideation to assessment, operations to communications, employee engagement to multistakeholder relationships. As a strategic partner, Embers breaks the mold to provide personalized solutions that meet unpredictable times and leverage cross-sector expertise and wide-ranging skills to convert complex challenges into opportunities for improved systems, programming, and messaging that maximize potential, bridge gaps, and yield measurable benefits. With passion, purpose, and professionalism, we collaborate with companies and organizations of all sizes, stages and sectors to align values, mission, goals and impact, better processes, develop narratives, grow audiences, and forge strategic pathways to move beyond awareness-raising into culture-making — always leading with the environment and ethics. Are you ready to ignite impact and spark change together?

We hold conversations and conduct a landscape analysis to determine where opportunity exists across, including:

Mission alignment: mine the DNA of a company or org to find or develop unique touchpoints for impact that authentically meet multifaceted goals around sustainability, society, climate, waste, CSR, ESG, B Corps, philanthropy, give back and more

Efficient operations: analyze supply chains, production, packaging, ordering, procurement, waste and/or life cycles — no matter the focus of the company — to identify areas for maximum improvement within frameworks, capacity and budget

Compelling communications: review and build out intentional multi-platform messaging, cultivating a clear internal and external voice that reflects the values and aims of the larger entity, while creating buzz and reaching target audiences

Cross-sector partnerships: outline and pursue strategic points of synergy for special and ongoing programs that deliver on objectives, fostering cross-pollination and collaboration among diverse players for benefit across industries and interests

People power: provide staff/members with informative, mobilizing, actionable content and relevant learning that prioritizes climate, service, impact and team-building goals, deepening engagement, connection and values-based work environments

Get in touch to learn more about our approach, explore potential and talk concrete next steps. We're here to answer questions, discover synergies, and offer further details about who we are, what we do and how we go about it!

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Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly.

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