Rabble Rousing Optimists: Sinclair and Schrode


What happens when a classically trained British architect develops an interest in social, cultural, and humanitarian design? Architecture for Humanity is born, a world-changing organization improving the lives of millions through innovative, collaborative sustainability solutions in the built and natural environment. Cameron Sinclair is the founding and leading force behind AfH. Designer, builder, writer, lecturer, TED Prize winner, and internationally-lauded expert on aid, social justice, and design, there are few things this visionary global thinker cannot or will not undertake…

Millennials Are Turning Green


Your opinions, values and ideas are relevant. Your voice can become a movement and launch a revolution. Your actions can change the present and future of our world. What if we dared to believe that? As a collective, could we affect the positive change our world so desperately needs? Well, I have a proposal…

Want to Live Green? Try #PGC2012!


For years, my friends have asked me: Erin, how can I go green? Where do I begin? Project Green Challenge is my answer: thirty simple steps to take your life from conventional to conscious. This is the most exciting and robust initiative in the seven-plus year history of Teens Turning Green, a beautiful collaboration between our organization, corporate, non-profit, and media partners, and high school and college students across the country and around the world. And year two of PGC is upon us, beginning October 1…

Me & Mr. Jobs


It's so surreal. At age 20, I don't remember a world without Steve Jobs. He did not merely change my world, he defined everything with which I was raised. I learned to type on a big ol' glorious chunky Apple computer in kindergarten - and I was hooked.


Steve Jobs made smart products for real people, bringing useful and relevant technology into our lives in a way that betters humanity and the planet. One of the greatest innovators of all time, Jobs connected dots (one of my favorite concepts) around the globe, bringing us together one by one, making the world smaller, tighter knit, more intelligent, efficient, and communicative…

The Schoolbag Haiti


The Schoolbag is a success. 14,189 students now have the school supplies necessary to pursue an education. I cannot describe the abundant joy it brings me to write those words. My little idea came to life. But how did an American environmental activist, a Canadian student, an Australian lawyer-to-be, a social media expert living in Hong Kong, a South African businessman, a Dominican development specialist, and a Haitian mental health worker end up on this Caribbean island with tens of thousands of notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, bags, and more? Allow me to rewind and share a story…

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