“A dynamic, passionate and ambitious young woman committed to creating big change everywhere she goes.” – The White House


"One of six leading lights in the environmental movement... A role model for young environmentalists inspires others to follow in her footsteps.” – CNN


“The face of the new green generation.” – 7x7 Magazine


“Erin Schrode is a bit like Elle Woods, the gorgeous and bubbly character in ‘Legally Blonde.’ Like Woods, Schrode is beautiful and vivacious – and not to be underestimated.” – San Francisco Chronicle


"Leader of the pack." – Teen Vogue


“Erin Schrode is one of the most passionate youth leaders/organizers in the country. Follow her, she's changing the world.” - Tyler Florence, Chef / Food Network Star / Restaurateur


“Eco-activist-cum-runway-model” – Slate


“Sustainability prodigy” – San Francisco Magazine


“The work [Erin] has done in Haiti is extraordinary" – Donna Karan, Fashion Designer / Founder, Urban Zen


“Has already spearheaded numerous projects with the modest goal of changing the world...it would probably be annoying it she weren't so damn inspiring” – The Huffington Post


"Our favorite enviro-millenial." – eBay


“An all-star... the bright, shining star of the movement - representing multi-cultural vibrancy, intelligence, beauty, and hopeful engagement.” – Christopher Gavigan, Founder, The Honest Company / Author, Healthy Child Healthy World


“Talking with Erin Schrode for a half an hour, it really went by like it was a minute. And to capture in thirty seconds all that Erin is doing is totally impossible. I would describe her as purpose passion, certainly a lot of energy and positive attitude. She and her mother have started in the US and organization, Teens Turning Green, although Erin is actually American, I think she is one of the most well-versed world citizens that I have come across, visiting forty countries, studying right now in Spain. Erin, when the earthquake and disasters hit Haiti, which many of you are aware of, she was out there as one of the first to help and has been back there several times. She started a wonderful program there, The Schoolbag program, to get children back in school and bring their lives, in difficult circumstances, back to as normal as could be. Erin clearly is an activist. What I like about her is that she understands the power that you have and certainly the power of the social media to rally people together to drive change. Through her numerous blogs, websites, and activities, she has a following that at normal times was 30,000 or more people, but she is just telling me that her latest initiative which she launched, which she calls Project Green Challenge, is getting over a million people activated. And if the world needs an Erin, we certainly have found one and I am glad I met her.” – Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever


“One of seven eco warriors changing the world.” – 7x7 Magazine


“Eco warrior” – Eco Age


“Sustainability wunderkind” – Ecouterre 


“Erin is a true ecopreneur. Her passion and leadership qualities are so impressive... she talks with passion about the pulse of youth, connectivity, and social media.  It is a phenomenal experience to be in her company... she will continue to flourish and inspire.” – David Jones, Global CEO, HAVAS Worldwide


"I am impressed with all that [Erin has] done to promote global sustainability and youth leadership." – Bea Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca-Cola Company


“Erin is a very wise woman. A leader in the making.” – John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE


“An eco and social heroine since she founded Teens Turning Green.” – Ellen Gustafson, Founder, The 30 Project


“A young woman with so much life experience and positive energy.” – Mark Gavin, ecojot


“Erin Schrode should be put on the watch-list for future US presidential candidates.” – EcoCloud


"Already has some hefty credentials to her name: actress, model, designer, organic foodie, eco-educator, advocate, activist." – Coco Eco Magazine


"Teen queen of green." – Girlie Girl Army


“One of the most impressive young leaders I've met in the last decade... a global voice for youth empowerment and environmental responsibility.” – Adam Werbach, Former President, The Sierra Club // Chief Sustainability Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi // Founder, yerdle // Author


“Eco pioneer.” – John Replogle, CEO, Seventh Generation


“What would we do without you spread the light around and inspiring the next generation of true leaders in the world?” - Jeremiah McElwee, Whole Body Coordinator, Whole Foods Market


“An angel, as well as an incredibly competent, intelligent, articulate and devoted teenager who has her priorities straight. So heartening and inspiring.” - Myra Goodman, Earthbound Farm / Author


“Articulate and passionate with amazing poise.” - David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps


“You are equally an inspiration for all of us. You are the next generation, the now generation – the wow! generation, blessed with the gifts of eloquence, loveliness, passion for people and planet, and a great ambassador for Nature's Path and what we all stand for.” – Arran Stephens, Nature’s Path


“A nationally recognized speaker and leader among next generation social entrepreneurs.” – New Leaf Paper


“One of the leading young green movers in the country.” – David Steinman, author and radio host


“Incredible youth leader.” – Free the Children


“A juggernaut in the non profit and green world.” – Differences Magazine


“Incredible synthesizer and orator.” – Matt Petersen, CEO Global Green USA


“Next green generation golden-green girl.” – Lynda Fassa, Founder + Owner, Green Babies / Author


“The heir apparent to the new world.” – Maria Emmer-Aanes


“Green wonder woman.” – Jeremy Seifert, Filmmaker


"If young people like Erin are the ones taking charge one day, then there's hope for us all… high esteem in which [she is] held by everyone in the natural foods world... someone who is really making a mark in the world.” – Lori Silverbush, Filmmaker / Director, A Place At The Table


“Una inspiracion y sé que va a tocar el corazon y mente de mucha gente joven.” - David Karr, Guayaki


“Young green-inspired heroine”


“You are setting the example for many.” – Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever


"World-changer." - Weleda


“Young eco heroine powerhouse.” – Chloé Jo, Girlie Girl Army


“Erin is one of those rare kids who has it all. She’s really smart, ridiculously beautiful, fit, healthy, and honestly nice. But the really amazing thing about Erin is she has already found her raison d’etre. She knows things aren’t quite right in our world, and she’s doing what she can to change them. With a spoonful of her organic sugar, who could possibly say no?” – excerpted from book Green Kids, Sage Families


“Her lively demeanor and passionate questions telegraphed her youth, but her grounded professionalism and journalistic style told a different story, one of an impassioned leader: a trait I've had the pleasure of seeing before, but never in one so young... I truly believe Erin has an ever blossoming place in our society, as a visionary and leader.” – Lynda Fassa, Founder + Owner, Green Babies / Author


"We should all have the drive, heart, and passion of this young goddess." – Girlie Girl Army


“Thought leader in the natural/eco/green space... Erin’s advocacy, personality and public relations acumen has made her the face of the Teens Turning Green movement. She is an incredibly dynamic speaker and when she talks, people of all ages listen and respond” – Jeremiah McElwee, Global Coordinator Whole Body, Whole Foods Market

“Force of nature” – 7x7 Magazine


“At a time when so much is wrong in this world, Erin is a shining light of true goodness. At only twenty years old, she inspires me and so many others to continue to do more! ...A true leader and trend setter in how [she] views the world, takes on challenges, and fights for what's right while sticking to [her] beliefs.” – Benay Vynerib, COO, Candle 79 / Candle Café


at 20 you have done more to change the world for better than most will do in a life time

“At only 20 years old, the globe-trotting, california-raised eco model and NYU students has been on a mission to make the world a happier and greener place since she was barely out of nappies” – Peppermint Magazine


“She knows her green and she knows her stuff” – Practically Green


“Erin is a breath of fresh air and taking on world change head on!” – Vegan Consultant


“A leader in the green beauty scene" – Beautylish


"Eco superstar" – Beautylish


“Erin is an outstanding young lady who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” in her  quest to teach and help the younger generation learn and understand what they can do to help themselves to able to make healthy choices  for their individual lifestyles.  She is an extraordinary  and a vital member of the community for having the courage to do so.  She is an extremely positive role model for all young ladies... Erin is an invaluable asset to  all of us, her combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and compassionate character” – Kim d’Amato, Priti NYC

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