Summer Cooking

Summer is the best season to highlight the beauty of ingredients with simple, rustic preparations. Here’s one of my favorite creations that lets the raw vegetables shine. It is the perfect crisp and refreshing appetizer (that will please vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free folks too), fun salad alternative, or light afternoon snack! Little gem leaves (a small variety of romaine lettuce) act as an ideal edible container for this fresh take on a classic slaw. And talk about easy… it has only five ingredients, all of which you can buy fresh from the farmers market. These vegetables are based on my seasonal offerings, but feel free to mix and match anything you find from local growers or your garden!


Recipe for Farm Fresh Salad “Shooters” (makes about 20)

1 small head of red or green cabbage, whichever you prefer (or both!)
1 red onion
3 carrots
4-6 red radishes, depending on size
3 heads of little gem lettuce (or baby romaine)


4 T rice wine vinegar

1 T lemon juice

¾ t oil

1 T sweetener (honey, agave, maple syrup, your choice)

A pinch of salt and pepper


  • Shred or slice all vegetables into thin strands. Toss in bowl and mix.

  • Mix all dressing ingredients together. Season to taste.

  • Pour dressing over vegetables and toss lightly until coated.

  • Separate individual leaves of little gems and place firm, large leaves on platter.

  • Take small handfuls (or use tongs if you would like) of the slaw and fill leaves.

  • Serve and eat up!

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