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'Unreal when it targets you': Faceless trolls attack online

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“Erin, good morning – would you be able to go to Puerto Rico? We have big dreams in setting up kitchens throughout the country. When can you get down there?”


… and here I am with my dear José Andrés on the ground in San Juan with the brilliant World Central Kitchen – as the newly knighted Chief of Operations (aka Head of Relief and Happiness, in the words of José). It’s been a WHIRLWIND full day of serving 20,000 meals and meeting with the major players on the ground. We are about to scale up massively, as the most efficient, effective, economical food service operation on the island – in conjunction with the federal government and Puerto Rican leadership. Stay tuned! If you need to reach me or can help in any way, try me on WhatsApp or email directly. We want to partner with you! Now, it’s back to this meeting with the Secretary of Education about how to best serve the hardest to reach areas. Please support our work: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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