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Oxygen: This 25-Year-Old Woman Could Become The Youngest Member Of Congress

I am a millennial on a mission... and Oxygen is writing about our campaign!




by Sowmya Krishnamurthy


Erin Schrode is a millennial on a mission.


At 25 years old, most of us were renting our first car or moving into our first homes away from home. Erin Schrode has her eyes on Washington. The 25-year-old is campaigning to represent California’s second district, which would make her the youngest person in Congress.


Erin is a millennial on a mission. Despite her inexperience, she cares about issues facing her generation. "Clean water is a human right. Women add value to society. Mental health is a veritable illness. Black lives matter. Affordable healthcare helps families. Education can be an economic engine. It’s time to deliver on the promise of my generation," she says. "Call me crazy, but I still believe in the institution of government. We have the know-how and tools to shape a future we are proud of, in terms of global and environmental health, learning and work, and human rights domestically and abroad — and cannot afford to wait."



Although women make up 50.4% of the U.S. population, our representation in government is dismal. Erin's win would be historic for millennials and women alike. Follow her campaign with the hashtag #ErinForUs. 





Make sure to read more of Oxygen!


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