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Valentine's Day

“Zot doda Erin sheli.” “This is my aunt Erin.” And with those words, he forever has my heart. ♥️ This boy and his big brother have been my Valentines since the moment they were born, though never have I been more appreciative of their love than throughout recovery. When I couldn’t leave bed, was unable to speak or smile, wouldn’t see another soul, and largely failed to find any happiness whatsoever, we would still have our Shabbat FaceTimes across the world. I didn’t always show my face on camera, yet simply seeing my nephews smiles and hearing their voices babbling away in a Hebrew that’s already far more advanced than mine brought an inescapable burst of light to my darkest hours. I adore these boys, cherish our powerful bond and love watching them grow and evolve before me. Being here in person right now is palpably lifting my spirits, because when I’m with them, I may still be pained, anxious or stressed, but their safety and well-being take precedent in my mind and brain, a marked albeit temporary shift from my normal operating systems which have been prioritizing my own health out of necessity of late… and if/when agony grows too intense and I need to retreat or rest or can’t run after them, my sister and brother are right there as such amazing parents, raising and nurturing two present, perceptive, intelligent, intuitive, active, hilarious, outgoing young men. When we picked up Erez from pre-school, he ran into my arms with a massive smile and exclaimed to his teacher that I was his aunt; I melted as he nestled in my coat and told me he loved me (a phrase he’s mastered saying and responding to in both languages!). Tonight, I read stories aloud to Alon, as he recognized and pointed to animals, colors and people both on the pages and off, including me: his doda. I even kissed him, a gesture that was long impossible for my lips post-accident and post-surgery. ♥️ Love is everything. Family is paramount. Life is precious. And these boys are my whole world every minute of every day. No matter my state or mood, distance or timezone, season or language, thank you for loving your doda and for allowing me to love you. Here’s to love in all of its glorious forms — and to the two most important men in my life this Valentine’s Day! 💌


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