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Updates from Ohio...

I am pounding the pavement in Ohio – and sharing firsthand, realtime accounts from the campaign trail across social media. Be sure to follow @ErinSchrode. Here are some snippets of content… 

Highlight of my life!!! Knocking on doors with Krystale and Tia to find out who is going to vote, when they plan to do so, how they will cast their ballot (early, by mail, day of), and what issues matter most to Ohio residents. These two powerhouses have been leading non-partisan GOTV for two and a half months, 100 houses a day, with a 20 member team. 


551 calls. 113 doors. And I'm far from finished. 🗣 You can either stay home complaining about the election and state of our county or… YOU CAN GET OUT THE VOTE, like we've been doing all day long. 🇺🇸 Kicked off this Saturday of canvassing with a flashmob alongside these allstars and have been pounding the pavement ever since right here in the swing county of the swing state.


🍁🇺🇸🗣 I've been threatened with a weed whacker and had doors slammed in my face while canvassing… but the 94-year-old driving herself to the polls on Election Day, the immigrant (and new US citizen!) who already proudly voted early, and the 18-year-old college student who drove two hours to pick up his absentee ballot make it 100% worth it. Many moments like these light up our GOTV work: "For a while, it was kind of touch and go with my husband. But we're okay now. He absolutely feels like Trump is coming from as place that is not good for the country." Whew! Families don't let family members vote for Trump. Friends don't let friends vote for Trump. VOTE like the world depends on it… because it does! We cannot take anything for granted; we must work for this victory with 9 days to go! Vote early, if possible in your state — and before/after you vote, volunteer to #GOTV however, whenever and wherever you possibly can! Because Election Day is coming… fast.


A jew, a Muslim, and a Christian walk into a bar.

This is not the beginning of a joke; this actually happened last night…

It wasn't just any old people; it was my dear friend and powerful Sudanese human rights activist Mohamed Salih Abubakr, new friend and (decidedly non-Trump-like) real estate investor JC Stiassni, and me, an environmentalist, writer/commentator and social entrepreneur.

It wasn't just any old bar; it was a farm-to-table spot with 100% non-GMO, organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients where any and every dish can be vegan-glutenfree-and-paleo-ized.

It wasn't just any old place; it was smack dab in the middle of the swing county in the swing state of Ohio, which plays a pivotal role in the presidential race and our democracy.

It wasn't just any old time; it was twelve days prior to the most important election of our lives, at a moment when discrimination, division and hatred based on race, religion and gender have rarely been higher.

It wasn't just any old powwow; it was a beautiful coming together of three human beings – men and women, light and dark-skinned, American and foreign-born – from dramatically different backgrounds and distinct walks of life who love, respect and learn from each other.

We all, however, believe in the importance of civic engagement, education, and public service. And are all firmly #NeverTrump – because we want to be able to continue to actively work towards the better future for our communities, our country and our world that we know to be possible.


Keep checking back for more updates from right here in Ohio! And make sure to spread the word to #GOTV on November 8th! 


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