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  • erinschrode

Tufts University

“I’m just really glad I was in this room. We need more of this.” 🗣👥 I am honored that my speeches, presence and messages bring students together, create rich dialogue and build bridges across campuses. Thank you Tufts University for hosting me and coalescing such a dynamic group of students whose wide-ranging passions, activism and voices are shaping a more just, inclusive, sustainable college, community and country. I’m here for and with you all!

I always try to stay to answer every last question. And Tufts University students asked ALL the questions… on climate action, new congressional members, cyber safety, Puerto Rico, study abroad, future campaigns, feminism, social media, Israeli elections, religion, zero waste, Northern California, you name it. Did we miss anything?! 💭

Side note: my Turning Green Klean Kanteen has been perpetually filled with hot water and various tinctures, fresh medicinal roots and herbal teas to keep me from the brink of sickness amid mad travel. 🙏🏾♻️💧


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