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  • erinschrode

This is America

What does this mean for our future — as Americans and America?

Because today has revealed just how unprepared our fragile democracy, political leadership of all parties, law enforcement at every level, and all of us as citizens are to face the heinous, dangerous truths and crippling divisions that plague our nation with increasing threat, though are not new in the slightest. Domestic terrorism, outright violence, and unequivocal attacks on and perilous erosion of democracy have been directly incited, enabled, even called for by the President, Trump administration, GOP, elected officials, Americans and media through deliberate action and inaction for years… and here we are. The horrors and dire situations, like the deadly lies, lack of consequences, abuse of power, and authoritarian tendencies will only get worse in the final two weeks of the Trump presidency and certainly into the Biden administration. And — at ongoing, incalculable cost to human lives, civil rights, sanity, safety, stability, the very republic, our present and future — domestic terrorists, seditionists, criminals, and white supremacists will continue to get away with all of it.

This IS America. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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