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The Power of Technology

It's time to harness the unparalleled power of advocacy, technology and digital media for policy change! Tech is neither good nor bad; it’s about how we harness and utilize it to connect, unite community, enable problem solving, and drive positive social impact locally and globally. 🌎

Never before has there been this level of interest in civic engagement or degree of political awareness. Technology alone won’t make things happen, but innovative and unconventional cutting edge tools can cut through bureaucracy and business as usual to add real value when coupled with powerful storytelling, technical feasibility, effective leadership and grassroots activism. Connect with elected officials, distribute ideas, make connections, challenge policy, build programs, interact candidly, democratize politics, raise your voice, protect democracy, leverage tech, revolutionize society, affect change, better people and planet. ✊🏾

As Woz himself said today, "With a computer, I knew you could write program to solve problems in the world.” The Apple co-founder, genius and prankster spoke to the still untapped potential of technological platforms, devices and programs for immense good, as well as the need to design and build all systems to be more human, more intuitive, more actionable. Steve Wozniak shared his beautiful equations for happiness in life: smiles minus frowns and food times fun times friends. H = S - F. H = f^3.

I am inspired, energized and armed with ample information, after talking all things GOOD TECH with brilliant minds and experimenting with new @Phone2Action tools at the summit in the nation's capital today. Check my Instagram story, @ErinSchrode Twitter feed, and the hashtag #GoodTech17 for invaluable content and insights. Much more to come in this space! 💻


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