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The Importance of Action - Call Your Reps!

We need citizen activists to mobilize RIGHT NOW. It’s up to us to turn even the most remote desire to affect change into concrete action that shapes the present and future of our country — and that can begin with picking up the phone to call your elected officials. May we respond to the changing political landscape from a place of love, resistance, and power by standing boldly with one another and making our voices heard effectively. Call Senators, Congresspeople, White House, local government and speak to the issues that matter most to you — it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s making a difference. 

As my dear friend Adrian Grenier has said, “With your voice, you have the power to start a conversation.” Tackling big issues – like plastic pollution or ocean health, in his case – is not something we can do passively. We must make the time to fight for what matters, to defend our future, “to reconnect with each other and our political system."

Now is not the time to become disheartened by the pace of change or destruction; now is the time to organize and, more than ever, shift the needle in your communities and networks to take specific, meaningful action. YOU are NOT alone: from newsletters (like the brilliant one for the Movement to Oppose Trump) linking to actions you can take, to many many many groups dedicated to respond to government policies, there are countless ways to become involved. 

Make the commitment to pick up that phone routine – every single day (if possible) or surely weekly. Wake up with the intention of fighting for what is right, for what is just, for what is possible. We cannot and will not be silent when each of us possesses the remarkable ability to activate and utilize our voice. 

Technology has made it supremely simple to find and connect with YOUR representatives at every level of government on any number of relevant issues. There are countless websites and apps (like that streamline the process. Calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 always works too! if you need a bit of extra inspiration, both Adrian and my friend Baratunde lead regular Facebook Lives to demonstrate how easy and effective it is to hold our government to account – beginning with one phone call. So why not get going today?!


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