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Takeaways From the Clinton Foundation Action Network Meeting

I am proud to live here in Puerto Rico and to speak from experience about ongoing relief, recovery and resiliency at the Clinton Foundation Action Network Meeting on Post-Disaster Recovery in Miami earlier this week.

11 months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, countless challenges continue, including infrastructure, economic recovery, emotional health/trauma/anxiety, insurance payouts, unemployment, crime, communications, tourism, much much more on many levels.

“Interest falls off as the event fades into history and it’s very important that not happen here.” President Bill Clinton spoke to the importance of sustained response, ongoing attention, need-based giving, and efficient management of resources in relief and recovery for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and beyond. We must build back better with more resilient, flexible societies, as existing problems and underlying social conditions are only exacerbated by disasters, magnifying the need for local entrepreneurship, technical assistance and increased employment opportunities, especially for youth, to revitalize economies in both remote and urban areas, as well as renewable energy, sustainable systems, multifaceted preparedness and proper planning.

Source inspiration from some of the ideas, needs, resources and projects on this wall at the meeting! Rise up, speak up, stand up — positively, proactively, inclusively to turn ideas into action for real, necessary, lasting change. 🗣🇵🇷🙏🏾


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