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Standing Together for Standing Rock

Mni Wiconi. Water is life… from Cannonball, North Dakota to Marin County, California and everywhere in between and beyond. 💦 To host an event in my home community about the power, movement, impact and legacy of Standing Rock was a tremendous honor. I opened by speaking to the pure power and humbling nature in what I gleaned from being on the front lines, side by side with my Native brothers and sisters and all of our fellow Water Protectors, the wisdom of the elders, the presence of spirit, the beauty of ceremony, the reframing of the issues, the strength in non-violent direct action. And then had the privilege to moderate a conversation with two brilliant minds who led innovative legal work on the ground at Standing Rock, preceded by an in-depth photo montage chronicling the shared experience, followed by a powerful and engaging Q+A with the hundreds of people in the audience. The event began with the sound of rain – of forceful water – pounding against the roof and ended with all of us united in the song and dance of a Cherokee prayer.

I am who I am because of the place in which I was born and raised — and because of the people, the pioneers, the activists, the organizers here in Marin County. This galvanizing action-oriented evening and incredibly successful fundraiser for the Water Protector Legal Collective was a testament to that very power. To the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, thank you for the opportunity to contribute, to collaborate, to co-create, to be of service – Barbara Bogard, Larry Bragman, Ford Greene, Max Perrey, Ginger Souders-Mason, Peter Anderson, Frank Egger and all of the other individuals and 26 co-sponsoring organizations who give life to the resistance.


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