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  • erinschrode

Somos Uno

Puerto Rican lives matter. Puerto Rican deaths matter. Puerto Ricans are human beings. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Boricua history cannot be erased. Boricua roots cannot be severed. Puerto Rico exists. Puerto Rico se levanta. 🇵🇷 I stand here on La Isla Del Encanto before this stark reminder of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria almost one year ago, honoring the near 3,000 citizens of the United States who lost their lives in the wake of the storm and ongoing struggle — and countless more who mourn loved ones, while facing inexplicable compounding pain in senseless attempts to rewrite the truth of our lived experiences here on the ground. May their memory be a blessing and compel us to do more for a better, more just, safe, equitable future for Puerto Ricans and all who find themselves ignored, oppressed or seemingly forgotten. Somos uno.


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