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  • erinschrode

Six Million

I am alive. Six millions Jews are not. Today and everyday, we remember each soul who perished in the Holocaust. We honor the blessed memory of those lost and the bravery of the heroes who survived, resisted, and protected. And we fight with our heart, mind, word, deed and power — because NEVER AGAIN cannot be mere words, rather a commitment to proactively combatting the existential threat, the deadly scourge, the perilous venom that is anti-Semitism — and white supremacy and extremism and hatred and intolerance — wherever and whenever we see or even sense it, even when not socially or politically expedient. Because while Auschwitz — the infamous Nazi death and concentration camp where over one million human beings were systematically starved, overworked, gassed and mass murdered — was liberated 76 years ago today, lives have never stopped being on the line. #holocaustremembranceday #neveragain #proudjew


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