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  • erinschrode

Safe and Healthy

I am safe, happy and healthy, as is my momma. We are together, far from the fires and Covid-free. My curls are out, feet in the dirt, face makeup free, t-shirts threadbare, shorts worn, nails a grimy mess, limbs scattered with random bruises and scrapes, and facial scars exposed in the sun (with layers of sunscreen and diminishing fear). Such is how I’ve spent the majority of the past two months— savoring the restorative power of nature, connecting with my surroundings, finding dear ones on the path, unintentionally not posting to social media, continuing to heal of body and mind, and counting my every blessing.

And this week, #MommaAndBuni reunited here in Arizona, after I left home on July 1 (and got a negative test result just before scooping her up!) — and oh am I ever grateful to have her out of harm’s way, breathing clean air, and back by my side. Thank you for the concern and outreach. Please, keep praying for California, for all affected by the fires and smoke and downpours and floods and winds, for the most vulnerable among us, for heroic first responders, for our homes and businesses, food supplies and livelihoods, lungs and those of our planet — and all facing ongoing, compounding challenges as a result of the global pandemic, economic hardship, violent racism, systemic oppression, climate change, all societal ills. What a time.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Be patient. Be kind. Be aware. Stand for justice. Find things that feed your soul. Tell those you love that you love them. Vote. And hug your momma — in person or via video or in the heavens above.


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