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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Have you ever wanted a private reservation line for your favorite restaurant? Exclusive recipes to make beloved dishes at home – or even a live demo with your favorite chef? In these unprecedented times, Patreon believes that’s all within reach.

The membership platform has provided innovative ideas and robust tools for artists and creators to generate sustainable income since 2013, by offering exclusive rewards to subscribers (“patrons”). Musicians, visual artists, video creators, podcasters, gamers, writers — these are the types of people who have long dominated the platform, many with great success, strong earnings, and powerful followings.

But like everything in the world, things are changing. And while Patreon has never before included restaurants, it’s exactly those types of businesses that need a revival. With doors now closed, staff laid off or furloughed and pilot lights extinguished due to forced Coronavirus closures, the future of restaurants is up in the air.

Enter Restaurants Redefined.

Nobody knows what will come next, but rather than wait and see — and continue to struggle through the process — Patreon is giving chefs a way to take back control here and now from a creative and financial standpoint. Using the turnkey, time tested and newly-chef-friendly platform, any chef can log on, create an account and begin building direct, meaningful relationships with longtime restaurant goers and fresh audiences alike. With full flexibility and preset ideas for benefits at different monthly tiers (Patron, All-Access, VIP, Corporate, etc.), the process is easy, allowing chefs to focus on what they do best: all things food.

“Patreon has always been about content and community and connection. We’ve all had to adapt and there’s no reason restaurants shouldn’t bring their incredible content online to engage audiences in new and different ways,” said Kerri Pollard, SVP of Creator Partnerships and Marketing.

“It’s not just about gift cards, delivery or takeout,” she added, knowing there are more channels to support restaurants than what has been offered up in the face of the pandemic to date.

Purchasing a gift card from your favorite local restaurant is fine, but that one-time small dollar amount will not sustain any part of the business. Restaurants need consistent revenue streams — and have a wide array of valuable offerings, which customers can receive without ever setting foot in the food establishment. #RestaurantsRedefined not only captures this clearly, but it benefits both sides. Chefs can share what they have and clientele can get access to what they crave – it’s a win-win.

“If you’re a member, you get access,” Pollard underscored, speaking of the online and offline experiences available on Patreon for people at every level. Each chef has the power to redefine their own restaurant with endless possibilities.

At one level, members might enjoy patron-only posts, exclusive recipes and a first-look at upcoming events; step up to an all-access level for priority reservations, monthly livestream cooking classes, custom merchandise and tailored dining recommendations. The VIP status may come with signed cookbooks, personalized menus and complimentary cocktails; while the corporate level could feature discounted private dining, prioritized party bookings, farmer’s market tours and more.

Restaurants have long been there for their customers, fed and nourished them, and kept communities together. Here’s a chance for those communities to repay that goodwill and get something in return, even if it’s from afar.

For more information on #restaurantsredefined, visit Patreon.

Written for and originally published on Chef Tyler Florence's Full piece here.


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