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Leading Female Activists Tell You How to Start a Movement

Massive thanks to Cosmo for including me with these incredible ladies! The first step towards starting a movement? Asking what YOU can do to help. Read on... 

by Jessica Goodman 

If you've yelled at the news lately or seen something in your neighborhood that sucks, you're not alone. It's time to take action—and it's easier than you think. Here, totally inspiring activists and agents of change lay out your steps to saving the world. (Okay, well, at least to making a difference.)

I.D. Your Cause

Think local. Often, you can make the biggest impact in or near your hometown. For example, you can address a road that needs streetlights of a homeless shelter that lacks funding. "You understanding the landscape," says Erin Schrode, COO or #ChefsForPuertoRico. "Look around your area and ask, 'What are our pain points? What can I do?'" Then focus. If there's an uptick of mental-health issues on your campus, don't try to go broad. Set a goal to do workshops for 40 students. You can always expand later if it goes well.

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