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A wild time to be in Israel, as the clock counts down to midnight… and the government may or may not dissolve. If Netanyahu fails to form or is successfully blocked from building a coalition, it seems this nation is headed back to the polls to vote in 120 members of the Knesset and elect a new legislative body and governing leadership.

Israelis, did this American get that even remotely right?! And what do you think will happen in the next few hours and beyond?!


Standing at the Israel-Syria border discussing independence, statehood, war, peace, borders, treaties, Assad, Druze, NATO, ISIS, Sunni, Shia, Iran, Hezbollah, Trump, the UN, basically everything. Because this place is that complicated.


Two people were stabbed in the old city of Jerusalem this morning, as people here in Israel prepare for Shabbat and wind down Ramadan. I’m on a bus in the north of the country thinking about, praying for and crying with their families… who are facing a shattering grief, a horrific trauma, a paralyzing pain, an unimaginable shock I cannot fathom. Because a terrorist — a 19-year-old child — set out to kill Jews today. Yes, we all can and must do more to be anti-hatred, anti-anti-Semitism, anti-incitement for one and for all, but right now, I hurt and I pray for these souls.


Haifa is an amazing city, beautiful for countless reasons — the Baha’i Gardens, of course, sweeping hilltop Mediterranean views, and strong religious pluralism with diverse expressions of faith in a shared society. I spent the morning at a grade school which champions just that with Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Baha’i students, religious and secular, all backgrounds, genders, learning levels, everything together — not only coexisting, but enriching and thriving. (And caught of glimpse of this magic on my way out…!)


As we sang Shavua Tov to welcome a good week and close out Shabbat, alerts of missiles launched at Israel from Syria popped up on our phones. 🚨 A reminder that all can change in a moment, the fragile balance in this region and worldwide, and a renewed prayer for peace. 🙏🏾 News is unfolding, but reports confirm two projectiles fell on Mount Harmon in Northern Israel without injuries…


Nine years ago, I embarked on a journey to the Middle East that would fundamentally transform how I see myself, humanity, news, politics, the world — and it began with an all-night conversation with this woman, who I am proud to call one of my very bestest friends, most trusted sources of wisdom, and brilliant teachers in the school of life ever since, as well as a badass tech entrepreneur!


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