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  • erinschrode

Inspired By The Conscious Kitchen

Our Conscious Kitchen ambassadors rock my world. These students are powerful, educated, articulate agents of change from diverse backgrounds who are not only nourished by fresh local organic seasonal non-GMO (FLOSN) free lunch daily, but also understand why our groundbreaking Turning Green school food program matters in a larger context of health, equity and justice for their bodies, campuses, communities, nation and earth. We must do right by them, for them, with them — our hope, our children, our future. And yes, this is my lunch… at our public school Conscious Kitchen in Richmond, California: all FLOSN, scratch-cooked, within budget, surpassing nutritional guidelines, beautiful and delicious. Feeding our bodies, children and world well IS possible! We’ve been doing it for six years in public elementary schools with The Conscious Kitchen, starting in Marin City and expanding including to here in West Contra Costa Unified School District this year. To the power of ideas, kids, farmers and food!


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