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  • erinschrode

I'm with Revolution Nation

I had the absolute honor of working with Revolution Nation on these incredible #VoteFTW videos on Climate, Poverty, and Gender... and how they all play into the importance of casting your vote come 11/8. Watch and SHARE...

"3 Debates, 0 Questions asked about Climate Action. Share this video to let everyone know you will be voting like the World Depends On It: ✊🌎"

"Extreme Poverty Anywhere is a Threat to Human Security Everywhere."

"Thank you Joshua Belhumeur, Patrick James, Andrew Lee, and John Patton for your amazing work to make this action media possible. I also want to make a special shoutout to Erin Schrode who voiced these videos perfectly, while on the road fighting the good fight."

Make sure to keep an eye on the incredible content from Revolution Nation... and SHARE!


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