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  • erinschrode

Finding Power, Prayer, and Beauty in Japan

おはようございます, Tokyo! 🇯🇵 The Tsukiji Fish Market was an early morning first stop in Japan… where I consumed exactly zero fish. But marveled at the array of colorful fresh fruits and exotic veggies, custom knives, artisan ceramics, geometric compostable plates, and other Japanese novelties. What else to see?!

May I have the discipline to put my thoughts into action and art. May the peoples of our lands live in harmony. 📜🙏🏾🇯🇵 Thank you to the soul who shared these words in this sacred Japanese shrine. May we all indeed!

The power of prayer is real. I’ve been praying for Tia Coleman, the survivor of the unimaginable Missouri boat tragedy — who lost her three children, husband and five other members of her family — and the loved ones of Nia Wilson, a vibrant young woman with #blackgirlmagic who was brutally murdered in a Bay Area BART station this week. I cannot even begin to imagine such unfathomable, gut-wrenching, painful circumstances — and honestly, don’t know where to begin in making sense of these acts, so I pray however feels right, whenever I can, wherever I am — and then get back to work in doing all I am able to prevent further tragedy, suffering, loss, horrors.

And yes, people around the world are now literally *praying* for an end to the Trump presidency/atrocity/reign of terror. Of the tens of thousands of prayers at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, of course this first caught my eye. We mustn’t simply pray or denounce, we must act decisively to counter the President, mitigate harm, lead through word and deed, support movements that champion justice, and vote vote vote because our lives and rights depend upon it.


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