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Erin And Kristy

Find yourself a best friend who savors each moment, each blessing, each adventure side by side. Who flows effortlessly from airports to trains to taxis to cars, national parks to backstage theaters, juice bars to galas, dance clubs to spas, and everything in between. Who regularly contorts her face into absurd expressions that display a full range of emotions in response to wild life happenings. Who eats all the veggies, nibbles on all the tacos, tries all the vegan spots, tastes all the tequila cocktails and mocktails, listens to all the showtunes and 90s rap. Who gifts strangers and beloveds alike with smiles and hugs, stories and dance moves, laughter and tears. Who reads books, snaps photos, asks questions, does yoga, listens intently, speaks powerfully. Who happily communicates with evocative sounds as effectively as words, regardless of the setting, formality or audience. Who embraces new people, new places, new ideas, new plans, new directions, new opportunities — thinking and doing both independently and collaboratively. Who says yes to the (often insane) journey together with spirit and passion and ease and optimism, no matter where it takes us or how many times it changes. I am the luckiest that Kristy and I were crying side by side in a random airport eleven years ago… because I now have the best best friend in the whole wide world, which we will continue to blessedly explore, cherish and delight in for decades yet to come. What an epic next chapter in the truly unbelievable adventures of #ErinAndKristy! LYG


… and she’s landed from Australia! #ErinAndKristy are reunited. 👭 I almost forgot how much I cherish this soul, my best friend of eleven years and absolute favorite travel companion. 🗺 This time, I’m taking the vegan yogini goddess on a cross-country Americana adventure. Catch us if you can… 💨


In Yosemite for the first time in twenty years! ⛰ It took an Aussie to get this California girl here, but I’ll be back mighty soon. Who wants in for the majesty of Mother Nature?! 👣 #ErinAndKristy


Flew into NYC, waited an hour for the best dosas in this hemisphere, perused my favorite second hand store, picked up shoes with new life at my trusty shoemaker, gave a speech at a beautiful private home, met special souls for gourmet plant-based Mexican delights, shared vegan chocolate at a pizza parlor, and took a long Ed Sheeran-soundtracked Uber pool home. And everything was made infinitely better with this one by my side. I ♥️ NY. I ♥️ my friends.


Gettin’ glam. 💄 Gettin’ carded. 🎰 Gettin’ into just a wee bit of trouble. 🎲 Gettin’ to make memories with this one. 👭 #ErinAndKristy


Blessed spa waters. 💧 After criss-crossing the country to eleven cities in the past week, we earned this. 🙏🏾 #ErinAndKristy


Kristy changed my life eleven years ago when we first met in an airport. And this Aussie global traveler has continued to inspire and challenge me ever since, taking us to places I didn’t even know existed or never imagined I’d visit — some gems in faraway lands and other exquisite corners close to home. #ErinAndKristy


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