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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Moving into a new house or apartment for the school year? Or maybe your very first dorm? Either way, you want to enter the new year with a clear mind and clean sheets. We’ve got you covered!

Check out local thrift stores for great buys at great deals in furniture and the like. Remember: the greenest product is often the one that already exists! You can also meet your eco needs at major stores and back-to-school hubs. The Container Store’s has a wide array of environmentally sustainable staples, upcycled materials, and natural fibers. West Elm is all about style and sustainability with multifunction modern design. Environmentalism is embedded in IKEA’s DNA and there are thousands of eco options across every category you can imagine, you just have to look! You can search by keyword and order online or make a day of it and spend hours bonding with roommates and friends over the best LED lamp for the new place.

Sleep matters – and Coyuchi not only has its priorities straight in terms of organic cotton sheets and blankets, but will also guarantee that you sleep soundly in the purest fiber sheets for a whole year. That’s a lot of midterms to rest up for! Also, if you happen to be in my hometown of Marin County, be sure to stop by their HQ for stellar deals!

Freshen up after an active day with Boll and Branch luxurious organic towels (and sheets too!). They’ll stay soft wash after wash, so they can keep up with your busy lifestyle for years to come. 

No matter what essentials you get or where you find them, we know that you’re preparing for a whirlwind of a semester and hope that our suggestions make it a just a little bit easier to stay level-headed and values-aligned during this crazy time. This is just the beginning – with many more categories to come in subsequent days. Remember to take a little time for yourself (and our planet!) once in a while.


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