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  • erinschrode

Coming Home to the Conscious Kitchen

The Conscious Kitchen is real and it’s changing the world… with school food this delicious and nutritious! 🍴🥕👩🏽‍🏫 I made it in time for our 100% organic, fresh, local, seasonal, scratch-cooked lunch at Peres K-8 in Richmond, California. As our partner Chef Alice Waters said at a special luncheon in the cafeteria today, “No other school program has put a stake in the ground around organic other than The Conscious Kitchen.” I am incredibly proud of how our transformative, innovative, inclusive 6-year-old Turning Green program delivers a viable, proven, sustainable agro-culinary solution within public school budgets that surpasses nutritional guidelines and achieves measurable, consistent, positive impact for public health, climate, justice, workforce, economies, education, opportunity, farmers and more. A new way forward is possible… and The Conscious Kitchen is leading the way (with my visionary powerhouse mother Judi Shils at the helm!). Get involved today! It takes a village.


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