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Comida Vegana en España

I ate my way through Spain. There's nothing more that can be said... and oh am I ever happy that I did! From classic rustic paella to Michelin star leek confit to homecooked breakfasts, my tastebuds were contentísimos!

Because we all need a drink and distraction right now… I give you a genius mint mojito in solid form to kick off our Michelin star vegan tasting menu just outside Barcelona at Lluerna Restaurant.

Eggplant mousse. 🍆 I don't even know what's in it, but it's insanely delicious and vegan-approved. 

Spain is the land of sensational soups. And this green goodness with beet, seaweed and ajo blanco is a winner.

Leek confit. It took a vegan tasting menu at this Michelin star restaurant in Spain to show me the magic of leeks, but I'm in!

Spanish green pea risotto. I will forever attempt to recreate this divine dish, and likely forever fail to live up to its Michelin magic.

Mango ceviche with cilantro-coconut ice cream. This heavenly, creative, flavorful dessert combination is a Michelin chef masterpiece.

Chocolate and strawberries. Ganache and sorbet. The perfect end to our vegan tasting menu at this Michelin star hotspot in Spain… a welcome and delicious, albeit brief distraction from this increasingly unbelievable world.

Armed with my turmeric chai latte from Teresa Carles (brought a bunch home from the restaurant!), I'm ready for whatever madness today may bring.

I attempt to bring normalcy back into my life/world with a balanced breakfast at home… what's your approach?

Blue cheese dressing over endive, veggies and nuts. Kale and seaweed with mango. aka Barcelona = vegan salad heaven. 🇪🇸🙌🏾

And so I add another country to my #vegannachoquest. This is my first time having baked nacho chips… not too shabby. 🇪🇸

I wanna eat cake.

Artichokes are underutilized. This risotto is utterly spectacular… as was the spoonful I stole of someone's coconut sweet potato soup!

A dream. 🙌🏾🍴 Roasted whole cauliflower drizzled with tahini and pesto, topped with pine nuts and pomegranate seeds. To eat/photograph/cook/talk about/relish in exquisite food is a passion of mine — and this is one of the best dishes I've ever tasted anywhere on earth. The bursts of distinct #flavor, the artistic colorful presentation, the complimentary textures, the stellar company (new friends at the next table!), the quintessential Spanish ambiance, the wondrous plantbased aromas throughout the Barcelona restaurant, everything.

Dinner at home: when I seek/wish/endeavor to create a sacred space separate from the work week.

Is this heaven? ☁️ Sky high views, 🌊 coastal skylines, 🍫 dark chocolates and 🍓 my most favorite fruits. 🙏🏽 

Best artichoke I've ever had. Spanish chefs may be known for their meats, but they do veggies well!

Vegetable minestrone with pesto. I wish you could taste it… it's THAT good.

Paella! Our last meal in Spain is as Spanish (and delicious) as can be. 🇪🇸💛


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