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  • erinschrode

Cheers To 2020

For 2020, I am consciously choosing to take what serves into this new year and let go of all the rest (which is quite a lot of late!). Thanks to an extraordinary community for being by my side on this journey, living life and celebrating the abundant goodness of the first eight months of the year and tiny slivers post-accident. Of the moments I share on social media (plus those I hold sacred in my heart with those I love), I am ever grateful for my blessed momma and our adventuresome days; treasured friends and sunsets and simchas together; the half of my face that still looks normal-ish; Burning Man and freedom and time and our phenomenal tribe; birthdays and nature and home and stillness; holidays and gatherings and light; miracle worker surgeons and modern medicine and Springsteen; community and children and culture and opportunities to connect and travel; the ocean and movement and exploration and sisterhood and peace — from New York City to Black Rock City, from Marin to Israel, from Puerto Rico to Kenya and back again. I cannot say I’d do 2019 all over, but I still maintain gratitude that the sum of its experiences have brought me to this moment at the start of a new year. I thank you. I love you.


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