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A Visit From My Momma

If you know me, you know that my momma is one of my greatest inspirations. It is largely because of her that I am who I am today... and for that I am beyond grateful! I absolutely loved having her visit in Puerto Rico... to share in the wonder of the work that we're doing here, and to explore this wonderful island that I have come to call home.

My momma is in Puerto Rico!!!!! With me!!!!! On an organic farm!!!!! Seeing what we do!!!!! Learning and sharing and loving it all!!!!! It’s actually the best thing ever. I’m over the moon. Smiling ear to ear. Beaming. Proud. Honored. Grateful. Together. Happy. All the things. All the feels. All the yeses. All at once. All in service. All for/because of/with this unbelievably powerful brilliant revolutionary loving activist woman. #mommaandbuni 👭🇵🇷🙏🏾

A little rain can’t stop me and my momma from digging in the dirt. 💦👩🏽‍🌾🌱 And no, I did not mean for my nails to color coordinate with this organic radish. Vegetables in Puerto Rico really are this spectacular. Come see for yourself! 

We have the best adventures. And yes, both mother and daughter affirm that Birkenstocks are the best shoes for trekking through organic farms in the Puerto Rican rain… and basically everything else!

We stand together against this wall and stand up against THE wall. Activism is in my DNA. And we’re not stopping.

What do momma and I do on the beach? Pick up trash. And yes, you should too! ♻️🗑🌎 We are an activist duo through and through — and have come to wholly embrace it, even windswept on the coasts of the Caribbean island I’ve come to call home. What do momma and I do on the beach? Pick up trash. And yes, you should too! 

Holding tight to my momma. Because 3000 kids cannot. Because we proudly control our own bodies. Because #familiesbelongtogether. Because we care about protecting our environment. Because I love her, and everyone should be free to love whomever they love. Because we have the freedom to speak, to move, to organize and to protest. Because she has been here in Puerto Rico by my side — and because she is always with me, no matter where in this wild world we find ourselves.


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