At the age of 20, I don’t remember a world without Steve Jobs.


It’s so surreal.

At age 20, I don’t remember a world without Steve Jobs.

He did not merely change my world, he defined everything with which I was raised.

I learned to type on a big ol’ glorious chunky Apple computer in kindergarten – and I was hooked.

Steve Jobs made smart products for real people, bringing useful and relevant technology into our lives in a way that betters humanity and the planet. One of the greatest innovators of all time, Jobs connected dots (one of my favorite concepts) around the globe, bringing us together one by one, making the world smaller, tighter knit, more intelligent, efficient, and communicative…





Conventional to Conscious is 30 Days.


Have you ever felt as if you wanted to ‘do something,’ but didn’t know where to start? Project Green Challenge is that chance, your entry point into action and sustainability. Our upcoming 30-day eco lifestyle Challenge is mobilizing high school and college students nationwide through fun, simple, and high impact daily steps. We challenge you to complete themed actions each day in October. Can you do it? Can you take your life from conventional to conscious?…

Back to School in Eco Style.

A convenient way to be a conscious consumer this fall.

The end of summer is around the corner and school is, once again, upon us. Early morning wake-ups, packing lunches, and after school activities will all soon become routine, but first… back-to-school shopping. In the US, families spend an average of up to $800 on these school supplies. That is a lot of money and a lot of products, yet it need not produce excessive waste. This is the perfect time to incorporate eco into your daily life and become a conscious consumer. It is super simple for parents, teachers, kids, and all the rest of us that love school and office supply shopping (and sales) to start turning green this back-to-school season…





Why a Vegan Spent the Day on a Dairy Farm.


To say that vegans and dairy do not belong together is to state the obvious. Why then did I, avegan, spend the day at Straus Family Creamery last week? Allow me to explain.

I jumped at the rare chance of being invited to attend one of the chefs’ tours of the West Marin farm and creamery and decided that if I were to go, I would fully embrace the experience, whatever it entailed. Yes, dairy and all…






Why I Buy Local.


buy local as much as possible. Why? Because it is both environmentally and economically responsible, promoting sustainability across the board. This comprehensive, fact-packed infographic from eLocal explains the power of our purchasing power. Now the question is: will you go for local?…









For Earth Month, 20 Beautiful Places… You Probably Haven't Been.


April is my absolute favorite month. It represents springtime, includes my birthday, and features more exciting environmental initiatives than I am able to keep track of, many centered around Earth Day, on April 22.

Earth Day has passed and April is nearly over, but what better time to start writing for elephant journal than now?

I see Earth Month as a time to reflect upon, be thankful for, and take action to protect our natural surroundings. For the past forty-one years, the international community has come together to honor this precious resource that we all share! While that is truly terrific, such stewardship must extend beyond a specific event, beyond the day, beyond April. We have only one planet – and it is the privilege and responsibility of our collective populace to ensure it remains a thriving sustainable place for future generations…

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